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{{ TiZiGHT iCONS }}

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1. If you want to view or take any of my icons or graphics, you MUST be listed as a friend.
2. Please comment to let me know which icons/graphics you are taking.
3. Please CREDIT me in your keywords. If you don't know how, click here.
4. Do NOT e-mail or IM me with icon or graphics requests. If I decide to take requests, which I do quite often, I will post an entry to let you know that I'm taking requests.
5. If you use the icons in this journal for a different blogging service, make sure you mention the blogging service you I'm on, as well as my username.
6. Do NOT claim anything you take from this journal as your own.
7. Do not customize the icons/graphics in this journal and claim it as your own. I don't mind if you make a few changes but DO NOT claim it as your own afterwards.
8. I do take requests but ONLY if you are a member. There's a 1 request per week limit.

The breaking of any of these rules will get you BANNED.

Please link back to me. Please also use your own server to upload these to. They're not very big so it shouldn't be a problem.

To make a hyperlink image, use the following HTML:

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/tizight_icons"*><*img src="http://www.imageadress.com/image.whatever"*><*/a*>
Just take out the *'s and you're all set.